vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Clean Air Bus Stop Laboratory, IN BETWEEN, Pecs, Hongarije

De plantenbakken worden vanaf dak busstation in Pecs naar beneden gedragen dankzij groep sterke mannen. Nadat Joost laatste berekeningen maakt, last Atilla constructie bus station.

For Pécs 2010, IN BETWEEN, artist Annechien Meier and engineer Joost Suasso made a Clean Air Bus Stop Laboratory against air pollution. Location of this laboratory is the central bus station of Pécs.
As we know local transport causes air pollution problems. Most bus fuel consumption is diesel. Diesel particles cause a majority of the ambient air pollution.
We re-used the bus station planter boxes and build a bus stop installation with Hedera plants. In the Netherlands, Hedera Helix is known as a plant that captures dust particulates from the air.
Visitors can walk around this installation and use magnifying glasses to watch the process of dust capture. Not only is the plant species important but also the spatial dimension. How larger the leaf surface per m2, the greater the cleansing potential impact. In future the bus stop is an example that can be multiplied in public space of Pécs to enlarge this impact.

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