vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Update Blog vanaf juli 2010, 22 juli, Wiesbaden

Image: Gert-Jan Gerlach

Discussion with Prof. Hubert Weiger and public, Nerotalpark, Mobile Allotment Garden,
22th July:

My installations can be described as interactive green art projects. Interacting with people and their surroundings. This type of art can be described as cross-disciplined and is based on art, urban agriculture, garden/nature design and urban planning, food supply. Other examples; Kerry Morrison's work in Nerotalpark and Eco Box in Paris http://www.urbantactics.org/projects/ecobox/ecobox.html

I asked if Prof.Dr.Hubert Weiger recognizes these interactive green art projects as a phenomenon. If he can place them in 'nature art history'(in relation to Landart for example) and in social/political context.

Natural landscape is changing into technical, industrial landscape. Society and politics are forced to take position in this development. What role does art have in the this process and what position has an artist in this sustainable 'green awareness’? Does art have a role to atract attention? To give people a different view? Or will art be a serious partner to force decisions in political issues, social issues, landscape and city planning? Discussion is part of documentary 2011

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